Cinderella Solution Review | Weight loss in 2020

ProgramThe Cinderella Solution
AuthorCarly Donovan
$37.00 once off payment
Money Back Guarantee:Yes – 60 Days


Cinderella Solution Review –  Are you tired, depressed, or anxious about your weight? I am guessing if you are like me you might have tried every fad diet and every trick in the book to lose weight but to no avail.

Understandably, this can cause a lot of mental anguish and distress. Especially if you’ve done everything in your power and still haven’t been able to achieve the results, so many others seem to have achieved with such ease.

This is where the Cinderella Solution comes into play. This program is based on a single concealed truth that sets it apart from every other weight loss plan you’ve ever tried.  Do you want to know more about how you can utilize this easy and effortless secret to weight loss ?

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Who should use this program?

Will this program suite you ?  That is after all why you were searching the net and just happened to come across my page.  Well what I have found is this, this program is specifically designed for the female body. It is biologically proven to help kick start the body’s innate fat burning mechanism in females aged 20 to 65 years of age. Right, so you are a female , does that automatically mean I can do this program ? Well no , you will need to make sure that you are healthy and meet the basic criteria, below is a list to make it easy. Please make sure that you are good to go on this program before you start. If in doubt always check with your healthcare professional as this is not medical advice.

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Who is it for?

  • Any person who has been unsuccessful in losing weight
  • if you have been unable to maintain your weight
  • suffering from endocrinology disorders
  • woman aged 20-65 years
  • persons who haven’t been able to incorporate exercise into their daily regimen due to other responsibilities
  • Somebody who wants immediate results

Who is it not for?

  • Pregnant or lactating mothers
  • Someone with a debilitating medical disorder that might be affected by dietary changes
  • That person who always wants a miracle cure without following instructions or doing the work
  • Time wasters

What is The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss plan created after tremendous research done through an authorized bio-nutrition research laboratory. It is based on the well-kept secrets of the healthiest countries in the world and their people. It has, in fact, become so popular over the years that many rivals have tried to create Cinderella Solution scam rumors! However, these were clear fabrications to discredit the brilliant program.

How does Cinderella Solution Work?

Cinderella Solution kick starts the dormant weight loss mechanism within the female body by working on three key hormones, i.e., Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen, accelerating metabolism and burning fat during the process.


How long does it last?

Although the program lasts for a mere 14 days, you can stick to it for however long you like depending on how much weight you want to lose.

What makes the Cinderella Solution different?

The Cinderella Solution is NOT an old weight loss plan that has simply been packaged up and given a new name. It is backed up by the latest research and focuses on unique food pairing techniques.

The Flavor Pairing Strategy explained

Flavor pairing is a strategy that pairs the right foods and the right flavors for you to be able to lose weight while still being able to eat your favorite foods!

Shokuiku Origins

Shokuiku, also known as Nutrition Architecture, is an ancient and revered set of guidelines that has its origins in Japan.

Reference – wikipedia

Cinderella Solution Review of the Workout Program

The workout plans included in Cinderella Solution are easy to follow, short and don’t require tons of expensive equipment either. You can easily do them at home to provide an added boost to your weight loss.

Who is Carly Donovan?

Carly Donovan is the author and creator of the Cinderella Solution Program.

Donovan has used her own struggles with weight, and research-backed techniques to create a unique program that has helped tons of women achieve their weight loss goals.



Cinderella Solution Fully Explained

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program that uses “Shokuiku” methods of Japanese flavor pairing to help balance the three key hormones in the female body. The program makes use of a mix-and-match of various food combinations for burning fat without you needing to count calories.

Cinderella Solution Main Manual

A simple guide to help you achieve the body of your dreams! The main manual contains everything you need to know about this unique method of weight loss.

Quick Start Guide

This guide contains key information that will help you start your weight loss with Cinderella Solution and answer any questions you have about how to get started!

Movement Sequencing Guide

These 8-minute workout regimes that can be done at home will help you accelerate your weight loss to a whole new level!

Food Lover’s Recipe Book

To ensure you’re eating right, Cinderella Solution has an easy to follow, and fantastic recipe book guide included in the program as well.

Workout Video Library

Not sure what exercises to do or how to perform them? Cinderella Solution has you covered with its brilliant workout Video Library!


A master plan for weight loss that zeroes in on the techniques used by the 50 most successful cases of the Cinderella Solution Program!


“I just got my blood work test results back, and I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE! All my hormones have started going back towards normal, and it’s barely been a month since I started Cinderella Solution!”

Cinderella Solution

“Take if from me , if I can do it so can you, I can now fit into my jeans from five years ago!!! ”

Cinderella Solution Review

” I was very skeptical about this program,  I’m absolutely amazed by my transformation, and I’ve only just started this journey, this is a lifestyle change for me !”

Cinderella Solution Scam

Cinderella Solution Pros

  • Lose weight six times as fast as regular diet programs
  • Feel and look your best
  • Don’t have to cut out your comfort foods
  • Extended lifespan
  • Reduce hunger and cravings naturally
  • Money-back guarantee

Cinderella Solution Cons

  • Not designed for men
  • This is a structured program, you will need to follow the instructions in order  to see results
  • It is a digital program

Frequently asked questions

What are the side effects when you use the Cinderella Solution?

This is the best part. There are NO side effects of this weight loss program. The diet plan has been tailored to perfection to ensure that its followers don’t experience any troublesome after effects.

Will this work for me and my body?

Absolutely YES! This program has been designed to work for every single body type!

How much does this program cost?

Unlike other dieticians whose only aim is to rake in as much money as possible, the Cinderella Solution program has been priced extremely reasonably. At the moment the plan will cost you a once off cost of  $37.00.

Cinderella Solution Review

The Cinderella Solution is an online program comprising several PDF eBook manuals and online videos . The program  comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, You can purchase a once off payment or opt in to have access to the author and 24-hour customer support team for en extra fee.

Where do I buy the Cinderella Solution?

This is a online, digital program and you will receive several manuals and video tutorials. The program is electronic, you will receive a download link upon completion of payment

Both the nutrition and exercise plans are designed to restore optimal levels of hormones, insulin, cortisol and estrogen, and boost your metabolism.



There is a lot of information out there regarding this program, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know, I will try to answer them best I can.